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Paediatric Dentistry

Dental visits

Regular visits to the dental office in the formative years will develop familiarity with the environment, promote oral hygiene and prevent future dental phobia.


We recommend starting the first dental visit around 2 years of age when all baby teeth have erupted. 

Baby teeth erupt from 3-24 months and special care should be taken to practice home oral care regularly, if any problems are noticed an earlier visit might be needed.  


The main focus of these visits are to make the dental environment welcoming, fun and relaxed and include a dental check up with going for a ride on the dental chair, looking at and discovering the dental mirror and having some pictures taken of their teeth.  These appointments are usually limited to 15 minutes.


Guidance is also offered to the parent to advise on any preventative care needed to prevent future problems.


Our practice has a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere for both young and old.  Giving young patients extra attention by taking the time to explain procedures with a calm demeanour, we aim to grow trust and confidence so your child feels less stressed and motivated to improve their oral health. 


Oral Hygiene

Knowing how to properly brush and floss your teeth from childhood will prevent future dental problems. 

Regular visits with the oral hygienist for a polish and oral hygiene instruction every 6 months will ensure a healthy smile and prevent dental problems from developing. 


With a wide range of dental products for kids in fun colours and tasty flavours, cleaning your teeth can be lots of fun!



Dental sealants are applied as a preventative treatment.  This minor treatment is the ideal first dental treatment experience as they are quick & easy to do, build confidence and offer protection against future tooth decay.  

A flowable white resin is applied to deep grooves of the posterior teeth.  The first molars erupt around age 6.   


Fillings & Extractions

Baby teeth are at high risk of developing dental cavities.  They are not as strong and well developed as permanent teeth.   


Depending on the child’s level of dental confidence and feeling of safety in the dental surgery minor dental fillings or removals are done without complication routinely.  These visits are limited to 15 minutes.


More complex and uncomfortable dental treatment will be done under conscious sedation to make sure children are comfortable, feel safe and have no possibility of developing a future dental phobia.

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